Wireless Set-Ups

The cloud & wireless set ups are game changers.

The only limit is our imagination.

Wireless Set-Ups we Provide


  • Cloud Managed Wireless

  • WiFi/WiFi6/WiFi6e

  • Identity Management & Access Control

  • Enterprise-Class Wireless Routers and Adapters

  • Cloud-Managed Wireless Edge Solutions

  • Edge Security & Compliance



Discover the Benefits Modern Mobility

  • Seamless Remote, Roaming, and Hybrid Work Environments

  •  Better Support of IoT Initiatives

  •  Scalable & Secure Access

  • Improved Network Access Control & User Onboarding

  • Faster Wireless Speeds for Better User Experience

  •  Better Visibility & Simplified Management



Wireless Site Survey

Have you experienced spotty coverage, frustratingly poor connections, or interference on your Wi-Fi network? These are all signs that you need a Wireless Site Survey from the experts at IE. We use advanced RF analysis tools to analyze signal strength and interference (noise) for maximum throughput and coverage based on your specific location. New Wi-Fi equipment won't fix a poor design so talk to our wireless experts before investing in a new wireless network and be sure to ask about our wireless performance guarantee!


WLAN Assessment  (Wireless Local Area Network)

We'll analyze the current capability and configuration of your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) equipment and determine if those standards meet your business and network requirements. Once we've identified any issues, we will make prioritized recommendations for optimizing your current Wireless LAN along with general industry best practices.


Established Wireless Lifecycle Process

Our proven survey process includes:

1. Site Survey

2. Design and Engineering

3. Selection of Hardware & Software Solution

4. Installation

5. Validation