Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The digital and online marketplace has never been stronger. Unfortunately, that also means that the potential for cybercrime and the need for cybersecurity has never been higher. In particular, that is true when it comes to cybersecurity for small businesses and organizations. From continually updating systems and networks with advanced security measures to stay ahead of cybercriminals to securing customer information and financial transactions, providing cybersecurity is a big job. That is also why services like Chattwire’s cybersecurity systems are here, to do what small businesses can’t. Cybersecurity for Small Businesses The cost of staffing an in-house IT and cybersecurity team or department is costly, even the payroll of a single network engineer or IT systems specialist is considerable for a small business. The good news is there are services available to fill in the gaps and provide the IT, network, and cybersecurity support for your small business needs. Network Security Protecting your network and infrastructure is the first step in sound cybersecurity practices. Every business, large and small, needs to be vigilant in its network security efforts. Application Security Software and mobile devices are always primary targets for attackers. Having a reliable application security plan is essential in keeping your cybercriminals from accessing your system through applications and devices. Operational Security How your business system is designed and how your employees go about their routine online activities should be evaluated for security purposes. Common training for employees (and as advised by the SBA) includes: Spotting and reporting phishing emails Using safe internet browsing practices Avoiding all suspicious downloads Enabling authentication and security tools (e.g., strong passwords, Multi-Factor Authentication, etc.) Keeping sensitive vendor and customer information safe Disaster Recovery Every business needs a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. With the help of professional IT providers like Chattywire, even small businesses can stay protected from worst-case scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you run a major conglomerate or a small Ma and Pa shop, employing cybersecurity measures today isn’t optional. The good news is that the cybersecurity and IT support you need is more available and affordable than ever before. That also means you can protect your company, customers, and employees without putting your small business in debt. Chattywire IT Services Welcome to Chattywire, a premier provider of business IT services. We provide affordable enterprise-level network solutions, and cybersecurity packages for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your Wi-Fi is running slow or if you need to assess your business’s online vulnerability, Chattywire can help. Consultas disponibles en Espanol. Contact us today for all your cybersecurity needs.