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Security Awareness Training

Enterprise cybersecurity awareness training is an important part of our business at ChattyWire. We offer courses to business owners and employees in order to keep them informed about the latest endpoint security threats and enterprise wireless solutions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality IT security services and network firewalls in New Jersey by staying up to date on the latest cybersecurity technologies and developments.

Darkweb Monitoring

ChattyWire is a managed endpoint security service provider that specializes in dark web monitoring. We understand that the dark web can be a dangerous place for businesses, and we want to help you protect your data. We monitor the dark web for any mention of your business or data, and we work with you to create a plan of action if any sensitive information is found. Cybersecurity and our enterprise wireless solutions are committed to helping small businesses stay safe online, and we’re proud to offer our cloud services to clients all over the world.

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Many cyberattacks make use of lateral movement tactics, moving from endpoint to endpoint until they reach their so-called “crown jewel” assets. These attacks often go undetected by security tools and network firewalls, as they appear to be nothing more than normal user activity. This is because many security tools are not equipped to detect malicious activity until it is too late. MDR/EDR solutions can help to mitigate this problem by providing real-time visibility into network activity and identifying suspicious behavior.

Organizations today are under constant attack from sophisticated cyber adversaries. These attackers use a variety of tactics to try to gain access to sensitive data, including lateral movement from endpoint to endpoint. Lateral movement is often perceived as “normal” user activity by many endpoint security tools, making it difficult to detect malicious threats until it’s too late. To effectively defend against these types of attacks, organizations need to deploy security solutions that can provide visibility and context into all activity on the network.

MDR/EDR solutions can help by providing continuous monitoring and analysis of endpoint activity, helping to identify suspicious or malicious activity in real time. By deploying an MDR/EDR solution, enterprise cybersecurity services can gain the visibility and context necessary to detect and thwart lateral movement attacks before they result in a data breach.

Email Protection

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