About Us

Small Businesses benefit from our enterprise solutions. Rather than becoming your typical IT company, Chattywire believes in the value of each client by taking a creative approach to serving our customers. This approach is also a technical approach. Utilizing the same technologies and concepts we recommend to our customers; we practice what we advocate for our own business.

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Our Culture

We have a responsibility. Our services (which include cloud services, network cybersecurity, and other forms of IT consulting) are relied upon by hundreds of businesses. Perhaps more importantly, we rely on one another. As a result, it is vital that we keep our word. We are reliable and follow through from beginning to end. 

Our unique and eclectic culture creates a team that works hard, works smart, and has fun at the same time. Experts in a wide range of sectors, from restaurants to medical and legal firms, and everything in between, make up our team of superstars.

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Some of the services We Provide

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Our Specialties

Zero Trust Security

Putting your workforce, your applications, and your devices through a process of trust establishment, enforcement, and continuous verification makes it difficult for hackers to breach and attack your network.

Network/Cyber Security

As a result of cyber security, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data can be protected against malicious attacks.

Enterprise Networking

An enterprise network must be scalable, resilient, and secure to support the demands of mobile apps, data, and services.

Wireless Site Survey and Assessment

Have you ever had spotty coverage, poor connections, or interference with your Wi-Fi network? The following are signs that you need a Wireless Site Survey from the experts at We use advanced RF analysis tools to analyze signal strength and interference (noise) for maximum throughput and coverage based on your location. Talk to our wireless experts before investing in a new wireless network and be sure to ask about our wireless performance guarantee!

We analyze your wireless network and determine if it meets the needs of your business and network. After identifying any issues, we will make prioritized recommendations for optimizing your Wireless LAN in line with general industry best practices.